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Creation Process

MiscellaneousPosted by Jo Greenwood Sep 18, 2013 07:01PM
I often get asked how my badge-products are made? Here's a little pictorial I put together that may explain the creation process in a fun way ...! (Click the PDF icon for a closer look) x

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MiscellaneousPosted by Jo Greenwood Jun 23, 2010 02:31PM

Just look how anything is possible!

These cocker-spaniels have been adapted to match owner's pets' colours as closely as possible- any background and/or font colour can also be added- as well as wording and different fonts ...

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101 Badge Uses!

MiscellaneousPosted by Jo Greenwood Jan 04, 2010 11:10PM
Am Trying To Find 101 Uses For Badge-Products ... Just A Bit Of Fun, We'll See How It Goes ...

1) Fashion Pin-Badge 2) Reward Badge 3) Celebration Badge 4) Water-Bottle Labeller

5) Wine-Bottle Gift Labeller 6) Gift Labeller 7) Sport/School Bag Labeller 8) Lunch-Bag Labeller

9) Room Door-Labeller 10) Decorative Rearview-Mirror Dangly 11) Speeding Reminder Dangly

12) Scrapbooking Embellishment 13) Greetings Card Gift 14) Bookmark 15) Paperclip

16) Handbag Dangly 17) Memo Magnet 18) Reward Chart Magnet 19) Business Promoter

20) Charity Fundraiser Merchandise 21) Staff Name-Badge 22) Sports Kit Labeller/Tidy

23) Christmas Stocking Labeller 24) Christmas Tree Decoration 25) Christmas Cracker Filler

26) Cutlery Place-Setter/Holder 27) Lost Child Aid 28) Parking-Prompter Keyring

29) Cloakroom Peg Labeller 30) Fan/Follower Souvenir 31) Event Souvenir

32) Party-Bag Filler/Favour 33) Keyring 34) Group Member Identity Badge

35) Electric Cable/Adapter Labeller

Wow- 34 So Far! Any More Ideas, Please Let Me Know x

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