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Rhino Mania!

NewsPosted by Jo Greenwood Aug 23, 2010 12:50AM

The "Rhinomania" Event in Chester this summer gave me an unusual inspiration for my daughter's 9th birthday party this year- A Rhino-Spotting Treasure Hunt!

Themed with Rhino handmade invitations, the party involved the children searching around Chester on a trail I had pre-set, to try to spot (and take a photo of) the correct rhinos to fit the clues given to their teams. We all had a riot stampeding through the city to try to win the prizes for their party bags... what a fantastically fun and unique day!!!

And how better than rhino badges to identify the team members?! A mobile phone no. sticker on the back of each aimed to provide a back-up, in case any members got sidetracked and wandered off alone into the concrete jungle!

A donation to the Black Rhinos conservation charity will hopefully help to save this wonderful endangered species too ... Everyone wins! :0)

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